Sunday, November 7, 2010


Meet Delancey, my kitten. As of now, she's six months old, and the freaking cutest thing ever. She's currently at my parents' house (I'm going on a work trip tomorrow), and I'm totally not ashamed to say that I miss the little furball already.

the inspiration

The world absolutely needs Woo Girls. If there were no Woo Girls, there would be no 'Girls Gone Wild,' no bachelorette parties, no Las Vegas poolside bars. All of the things that you hold dearest, Lily, would be gone. The souvenir shot-glass industry would collapse; so would the body-glitter industry -- and, the stretch Hummer rental industry. Tiny cowboy hats would be worn only by tiny cowboys. And when 'Brown- Eyed Girl' would come up on the jukebox, all you would hear ... would be silence .... and 'Brown-Eyed Girl.' But who would 'woo,' Lily? Who would 'woo'? Would you? Would you ... 'woo'?

-How I Met Your Mother